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For more details about our Affordable Search Engine Optimization services please visit www.brickblue.co.uk

We are specialized in Search Engine Placing and Search Engine Optimization of Websites. Almost 80% of traffic on the net is generated through Search Engines. Search Engine ranking is a cost effective and efficient site promotion method. Just submitting your site is not enough to get search engine traffic. Your site should be optimized for Higher Search Engine Ranking. Search engine optimization is a must to become successful in today's competitive e-commerce industry. Our knowledge of search engines keeps up with the ever-changing search engines criteria. Our professional consultants show you the way to be successful in e-commerce with live examples.
Search engine placement and optimization is not just a smart thing to do, but a necessity in today's website promotions. We have been consulting large and small businesses with search engine positioning service. You’ve spent a lot of time and money to build your online presence. You are wasting the investment by not marketing it.

Search Engine Optimization is not a one-step process. And we ourselves follow step-by-step process to get the best result. Here is an overview of SEO Process that we follow for getting top rankings

• Understanding Client’s marketing objective:
  Before starting optimization of site first we get to know the objectives and goals of the client, so that   we   can lead more sales.

• Benchmarking current performance both internally and externally:
  We examine the current position of the Client’s site both internally and externally
• Site Analysis:

  Analyze the site completely and prepare the outer sketch for optimization requirement.
• Identifying the ideal keyword:

  We suggest client with some key phrases by examining site objective and key phrase popularity.
• Integrating the keyword strategy into your website:
  Optimization of site involves Meta tag optimization and content optimization. We integrate the keyword    into the site and make the site search engine friendly

• Submitting your web site to targeted search engines and directories:
  After complete optimization of the site we submit the site to search engines and directories to get more   traffic.

• Providing appropriate linking strategy for your site to enhance performance in relevant search engines:
  Link popularity plays a vital role in Page rank of the site. We establish link campaign with more relevant   sites, as most of the search engines do not appreciate links with unrelated sites.

• Monitoring your performance on the search engines to help you stay on top of the listings:
  We keep on monitoring the Client’s site and their positions in Search engines and also we provide   compositional ranking report.

• Performing the necessary processes to maintain and improve your listings positioning:
  A maintenance service is provided to maintain the rankings of the site in search engines.

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